How Conscious Are You?

Unconscious –  The part of the mind that is inaccessible to the conscious mind but that affects behavior and emotions.

Conscious – Having knowledge of something , Being aware.

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Let me explain what inspired this article. First of I wanna say I consider myself a conscious individual. I’m very aware. I vibrate higher, and my subconscious usually does everything for me.  I meet new people on the daily that claim there conscious. But the thing is each conscious individual has there own way of consciousness. Then you have those who live in Babylon freely. Just sleeping there minds away. In this article I’ll explain the different levels of unconsciousness & consciousness.


The Unconscious

The unconscious are people who are unaware of who or what they stand for. Usually these people live life without any purpose. They feel as if material and physical things brings them happiness. Satisfying others instead of being who they truly are is part of there life. They get lost in just living for others instead of self. Craziest thing to me they still haven’t realized money has no worth. They are willing to do any and everything for a piece of paper. These individuals tend to be the reason its been a slow process of  getting us melanated people to join forces. Their paths of life have been chosen for them Fresh out the wombman. But, its up to them to choose a different route of  Opening their mind. Mental Slavery is the worst form of slavery.

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                                  Pro- Black Conscious

When a pro-black individual claims conscious what they are really saying is i’m rooting for whoever’s black. Fighting  for blacks is there life purpose. They buy black, have clear over-standing off who they truly are as melanin individuals. They appreciate the melanated skin they where born with. They prefer to be greeted as Kings and Queens. What I find common in these individuals they all have different beliefs far as religion. Besides that everything else they stand for is in the melanated people. Its very common that these individuals usually stop at this stage of consciousness.


Spiritual Awakening / Third Eye Conscious 

Being spiritual awakening / Third eye conscious contains living a certain lifestyle. These people usually believe in things such as theories, astrology, & numerology. They tend to be more aware of their eating habits, you may find some to even be vegans.  Many tend to have a very active lifestyle such as daily exercising  & doing yoga that there deeply involved in. These individuals are well connected to the universe, they live outside of this world. If your really willing to get deep , there out of the dimension.  Vibrating higher is a figure of speech they use daily. 9 times out of 10 these individuals have a box of crystals and sage not to far. Spreading spiritual awareness to all man-kind is the motive.

Next time you meet someone and they say their conscious, Ask how conscious are you?

– Coa Queen Talk

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