Breaking The Black Generational Curse

black family

In Every Black Family theres this thing called a Generational Curse. This generational curse can range from things such as Relationships, Parenting skills, or even being unsuccessful in life. What makes these generational curses is the fact of it being passed generation to generation. The question is who will break the generational cycle? This is a question we all will be faced with. Will I be better then my Mother and Father ? Many of us ask ourselves this question daily. We even say things as if were doing this for our parents or grandparents. Why is that our only motivation? Why don’t we do it for the next generation? Success can only make a greater success. Let’s do it for the future of our kids and grand-kids.

Take my Generational Cycle for example.

My Great Great Grandma & Great Grandma didn’t have a mother & daughter relationship. It continued to my grandma and her mom. Then to my mom and grandma. It still contiued to be that way with me and my mom. Guess what I was given a daughter. Now it’s my time to break the Generational Cycle & to build a better foundation for the next generations. I only can be who I needed when I was younger for my daughter. This isn’t a easy task because I wasn’t given the tools to take on a task like this one. But I will stand strong on this to break the generational era. There’s a simple key to all of this just be who you needed when you where younger. Don’t let your past make the worst version of you, let it make the best version of you.


  1. I absolutely agree too this, every generation pass something on to another and it’s only right that someone in the family breaks it. It’s not just with mothers and daughters it can be granddads & dads. What you aloud must continue! Break that and teach the new gen better ✨~Devin

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