The Number One Reason Men Cheat


Let’s first start with the fact that they are untrained animals. Seriously, men are like wild beast. This is why they require things as such as Man Caves. Women are quick to say men don’t understand women. But the real question is do women understand men? Oh no she didn’t just say that. Yes I did ladies! It goes like this, Things aren’t right if it isn’t going as the way we have it in our heads. So everything is falling apart to us. When most of the time everything goes our way. We never let men have it there way. Ladies to Be completely honest this what makes men stray away. Women can sometimes be stubborn. It’s not me vs you, it’s us vs. the problem. Compromise does not mean make one person happy & the other one is left to deal with the outcome. Compromise is an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.Remember that! Not compromising can lead to a unhappy cheating man. By compromising a lot of things can be solved within the relationship without your man looking for peace on the outside. Ladies don’t let your man run into a women like me because we play for keeps. Seriously , What can go wrong if you change up things a little in the relationship. Here’s to a everlasting relationship.


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