Understanding A Scorpio

Pluto/ Mars ruler

Water Sign

Stay Away from Leo’s & Aquarius

Independent , Passionate, Smart, Sexual, Manipulative, Secretive, Jealous & Violent

Loves the thought of love , relationships , and partnership.

Everyone should have a Scorpio in their life. Scorpios are one of the most genuine  creatures you will ever met. Their loyalty runs deep with family and friends. Scorpios are really good at keeping secrets.

Some may say Scorpios are lairs. This is a myth. Scorpios just have a problem with telling everything that really going on. They hold back on a lot including emotions. Scorpios can only show emotions when they are truly in love. If you’ve caught the eye of an Scorpio consider yourself lucky.

Scorpios have major trust issues. The reason for this is called Past.  There past really has a serious affect on there trust issues. These people tend to go through a lot growing up, if you or anyone you know is a scorpion this a proven fact. Scorpio never have it as easy as it may seems.

Scorpios are great lovers in the bedroom. But here’s the thing Scorpio’s just don’t show those talents to anyone. Lets just put it like this the better you are the better they will be. Don’t be afraid to show Scorpio what you got it all will work out in the end. Trust me!

Over-all Scorpios are the most loyal creatures of the zodiac. Money is meaningless to these people.

-Coa Goddess

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