Be the Butterfly



Don’t be afraid Outgrow your cocoon. Just think of it as your starting off as a capitular that will grow and blossom into this beautiful butterfly. If the butterfly choose to stay inside the cocoon would we be able to see the beauty and full potential of it? No! Do not let anything or anyone hold you back from flying. It’s okay to let go of those toxic relationships that you’ve been holding on to for years with Family and Friends. It’s okay to not live above your means while your in the process of becoming better. It’s okay to be different. Do not let SOCIETY project what the real you is. The ironic thing off the phrase “Be the Butterfly” is the fact the spiritual meaning of “Butterfly” means growth. Whenever butterflies are around you it’s a sign to tell you to grow. Be the Butterfly. One chapter at a time.


-Coa Goddess


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