Breaking Toxic Relationship Cycles


I wanna start off by saying this is something I personally experienced. Let’s start by saying before you move into a new situation cleansing yourself should be the first thing done. Sage usually does the trick! Sage gets rid of all negative energy. If you are not renewed from within you will go into your new situation as if it’s your old one. Let me break that down for you.When leaving your past behind you gotta really leave it there. The attitude, the hurt, the pain and the love you felt that was missing.  Eight times out of ten we bring old habits and bad energies into new relationships. We treat our new partner as if their the cause of this chain reaction. Truth be told the problem for this is we haven’t truly forgiven or let go what’s happened to us in the past. We just move on and carry this burden with us. So we find it hard to wanna love, trust and give our new partners our all! Were so drained! So we end up wasting time. You have to learn when a second chance is given. Focus on self-love. When you love yourself you attract others that will love you to. Change is not just need based on the outside it based on the inside to. Do not just expect your partner to be ready for you, be ready for them to! Never be afraid of starting over.Sometimes our old habits need to be changed so we can be happier and at peace in new situations. We all must grow & become the better version of our selves.


-Coa Goddess


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