Are you ready to move on?

Sometimes as bad as it hurts the best thing to do is move on from situations that no longer serves us. When a situation no longer serves us it becomes draining. Putting a end to a dead situation is the best way not to feel as if your energy is being drained. Moving on can be hard and hurtful for some of us. We hold on to old memories and feelings that’s hold us back in situations that will not bring us to the next level. The best way to move on is actually taking the steps to move on. If that means you have to give yourself some space from social media , talking to someone , or even taking time to be alone, Do it! We have to all take certain steps to recover back to a healing stage. Don’t let fears of the past hold you back. When we hold on to hurts of the past it’s hard to move forward. No one can tell you what’s best for you to move forward. But I can tell you this loving yourself first will make the situation easier. Know your worth.

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