“Are You Amongst Bad Vibes?”

Y’all know that saying you are who your hang with or even one bird of a feather flock together? In other terms individuals think that means you behave how your friends behave. The term ” You are who you hang with” goes back to just saying you go through what your friends experience. For example if your close friends are experiencing toxic relationships or even a break up the same issue will happen amongst you sooner then later . If your friends are having financial hardship in some cases you will have the same going on or even once one get married they all start getting married. This is called a “energy cycle” . The terms “No Bad Vibes” really have a significant meaning behind it. When someone has nothing but bad energy around , you shouldn’t wanna be apart of it. “Good Vibes Only” is the motto for the good life. Its very important to watch who you hang with in this day in age. Dont let years of friendships that no longer serve you keep bad energy flowing in your life. You must be around who you wanna become.

-Coa Goddess

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